Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Young adult female carry a stack of boxes during a move from one office to another
© larshallstrom –

There has been a lot of change as we’ve said goodbye to our building on Clay Street and hello to our new locations and virtual practice. I’m very connected to buildings and interiors so I knew this would be a process, but what I didn’t realize was how much I would appreciate a change.

Change can stretch us in many ways, opening our minds, expanding our thoughts, and unlocking doors we may not have been open to, or even aware of before.

In some ways I’ve come full circle. One of my offices is very close to where I used to visit my doctor and dentist, and less than a mile from where my father lived before he passed away. Maybe that’s part of why I’m here. I went to his building, to see if I could feel his spirit – feel a connection to him.

I sat in the parking lot, remembering how I would pick him up in my car, and how we used to go down there to throw out his trash in the dumpster. I didn’t feel his spirit, but then again, I was distracted by the greenish color of the building. Maybe you can’t force these things, but I figured since I was working on getting comfortable anyway in the midst of all this change, why not try?

From the vantage point of a new office space I see the world differently, the community differently – it’s a fresh new perspective. In Clearwater I moved only a short distance, yet it’s a completely new scenario. Instead of a yoga studio, I’m in a building of office suites with other therapists. This has expanded my ability to work with different clients, and I’m grateful to say that my schedule is close to being full here.

As the result of change, and the total lack of familiarity, my brain is on fire with creativity and growth. I’ve also seen new growth in some of the clients I’ve seen in the last month, and I see new potential in them as they embrace discomfort and use their voices in new ways.

It feels good to be on the other side of this big change, and I know that’s because I walked through the discomfort. It just is what it is. I’m going through it, and that feels good – and I feel so optimistic about our future. Feeling the strength of our actions is such a rewarding experience.