Do You Want to Feel Better About Your Body? Welcome to Better Body Esteem™

Better Body Esteemis a program that thoughtfully combines yoga, psychotherapy, guided imagery, and mindfulness. It is created from years of research gathered from clients, students and trainees, and professionals in the field of treatment of eating disorders and weight management.

I’m Sandee Nebel, a licensed mental health counselor, certified eating disorder specialist, and registered yoga teacher and educator. Better Body Esteem™ is the program I’ve always wanted for myself. It did not exist, so I created it.

As I’ve helped clients recover from eating disorders, I’ve seen them struggle with body image, self-esteem and a wide range of unfamiliar and uncomfortable emotions. I’ve watched them teeter that line between relapse and recovery long after they’ve settled into new behaviors and a healthy body weight. Low self-esteem and poor body image can linger on, fuel set-backs, and often instigate relapse.

Expected benefits

Yoga-based psychotherapy addresses these issues with specific and focused intent, creating changes such as:

  • Body image improves and a beautiful relationship with self happens when you take yoga off the mat and into your daily life
  • You connect with your true self in mental stillness, using all your senses, and experience being fully present
  • Fears, worries and anxiety diminish
  • Cognitive and behavioral responses improve as you become more present and aware, and step away from negative automatic responses
  • Emotions such as anger are released, creating space for positive growth
  • Letting go makes room for self-acceptance, followed by self-appreciation
  • Physical and emotional pain is lessened
  • You have a renewed perspective
  • You feel better and stronger

Through therapeutic yoga you will learn to have compassion for your body. Body image improves when you learn to appreciate your physical strength, and take pride in what can be physically achieved. It is fulfilling and exciting to see what your body can accomplish, not just what you perceive it looks like.

Completely customized for you

In therapeutic yoga, we can address specific themes that are coming up for you right now. If you are working on self-esteem, for example, I would purposefully integrate self-affirmations into the yoga session. I can also incorporate 12-step principles to go along with your recovery work in a self-help program.

I am a psychotherapist first, and a yoga teacher second. My sessions always reach beyond the postures and into the emotions and core issues, prompting each client to deeply connect, promoting healing within.

By using the comprehensive power of yoga to enhance the recovery process, I am able to give clients just like you the concrete relapse prevention tools they need to support long-term recovery.

Yoga-based psychotherapy may be like a vitamin or mineral you take to supplement other treatment, or it may be the one core treatment that’s right for you.

Curious to learn more? Contact me today.