Being at Peace With Being at Home

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Things will likely never return to exactly how they were, but for sure there will be more changes ahead from how things are right now. While things are slowly opening back up for us here in Florida, many people are still spending more time at home. This is a time of conflicting feelings for many of us.

  • We want things to be open, but we fear getting sick.
  • We want to be able to do more things, but we appreciate this down time.
  • We feel stress and self-doubt about home-schooling our kids, but we treasure this time spent as a family and the amazing learning opportunities for all of us.
  • We feel irritable towards the people we’re quarantined with, but this common challenge is bringing us closer.

Some people made big goals for getting things done, but they’re not coming to fruition. And part of the reason is because we’re all being pulled in so many directions.

Thankfully, we don’t have to decide. What’s most important in every moment is to make sure we’re healthy. Productivity does not need to be our priority while health is such a big priority.

What also matters is how you are feeling. Try this journaling prompt to examine your feelings in a mindful way:

On a blank piece of paper or screen, list three feelings you’re aware of having right now. Next, write about each of those feelings. At the end of your writing, list the three feelings again.

In grouping feelings in threes I’ve been fascinated by how we can be experiencing emotions that seem so different – for example, anxious, content, and excited – all at the same time.

It’s okay to feel good right now about what you’re doing, and also feel sad about how much tragedy there is. We should never feel guilty for feeling good at times.

You can tap into what’s right in your world, even when things aren’t right in the bigger world as a whole. From a sense of empathy and compassion, we can look for ways to be helpful. For example, I witnessed a line of cars dropping bags of donated food to people working outside in the heat, and social media is full of heart-warming stories of communities pulling together to help each other.

Personally, I’ve joined a group offering free and low-cost online therapy to front-line essential workers (see – not just healthcare workers but anyone who’s out there on the front lines working with the public or behind the scenes keeping essential services in place for us all. That’s what I can do in my profession.

I’m also offering free workshops like the one I gave recently about aging, and conducted over 50 of the free 20-minute consultations I offered to my email list subscribers. (See below for an opportunity to schedule one of these brief but powerful conversations for a low price!)

I think it’s also important for your self-care to step outside at least once a day, even just out to your fire escape at 7:00 p.m. to bang pots together as part of the worldwide “Clap for Health Care Workers” initiatives. My daughter lives in New York City and she joins in every night.

Lastly, since we’re spending so much time at home these days, it’s crucial to pay closer attention to what’s around you.

With my interior design background, it’s no surprise that I’ve always been deeply impacted by space, lighting and color. From where I’m sitting right now, I can count four lamps, one overhead light, and big sliding glass windows. Depending on where I’m facing I’ll have different lights on, and the windows not only provide more light, they remind me that I have to get outside.

I invite you to find ways to make your home a sanctuary (here are some tips for the kitchen, dining area, and bedroom). This is especially important right now, but will enhance your self-care on an ongoing basis.

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